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    Unit for teiid buffer

    Marc Kusters Newbie

      What is the unit for the following configuration item?



      I assumed it would GB, but i'm not sure since documentation is lacking.

      Reason I need this to be a higher value is I get the following error described on this page:

      Max estimated size exceeded in JDV - Red Hat Customer Portal


      More info I found was here:

      Memory Management - Teiid 9.0 (draft) - Project Documentation Editor


      The thrown error is frustrating because I have got enough disk space and memory available and it is almost not being consumed while the query is running. The query stops at about 6 minutes in. I think this is the first time it happened after upgrading from JDV 6.3.8 to 6.4.5.

      TEIID30019 Unexpected exception for request F/7eiYhtWvEM.40: org.teiid.core.TeiidComponentException: TEIID31261 Max estimated size 12,568,686,806 for a single operation/table id 21,736 has been exceeded. The server may need to increase the amount of disk or memory available, or decrease the number of max active plans.


      I now solved the problem by just adding an extra zero behind the configuration item .


      Another question:

      After the above mentioned upgrade a certain query won't run. It complains about strings that contain certain characters; specifically those of some foreign cities that contain e.g. an umlaut or other characters. Is there anyway to fix this?