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    Dynamic VDB

    jbossrndteam RnD Newbie

      Hi Teiid Team,


      We are developing Dynamic VDB and we have following use case which needs solution.


      I have following scenario...

           1. We are having a Oracle Database.

           2. In the Oracle database, we have a procedure named DO_SECURITY(...)

           3. After calling the DO_SECURITY('SCHEMA_NAME') only, some of the SCHEMAS and the TABLES in the schema will become visible.

           4. Is it possible to dynamically execute query against this SCHEMAS and TABLES which is visible only after calling DO_SECURITY(...)


      Any solutions like refresh metadata, Native queries, directly executing the query on foreign schemas ?

      If any solution exist, is it possible to have a example ?


      In Native queries we have tried many, But requires structure of the table to be hardcoded in query using (ARRAYTABLE), in our example it is not possible to know the structure in advance.

      In refresh metadata, VDB needs to do reload from my understanding. Or is there any way to metadata refresh dynamically from VDB ?

      Also query on foreign schemas we need the entire schemas to be loaded (by passing the DO_SECURITY(...) procedure).


      Any solution solves the above use case is helpful.