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    i send a SOS

    mannu Newbie

      sorry for this stupid questions... I tried the 3 first exemples of jboss with succes, using ant. But now i would like to use a client without using ant:
      1/ how to use a client java once the EJB is deployed without using ant (if i only compile my client.java file of course the classes are not found).
      2/ how to use a client which is not in java, like a 'C' client, or 'delphi' client, using IDL CORBA?

      Thanks in advance!!
      Be a lot of people answering me!!

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          Adrian Brock Master

          You could try dissecting the ant build.xml :-)

          This link has some of the information, although it uses


          For one way of doing it you need:
          1) jboss-j2ee.jar and your interfaces to compile and
          run your code

          2) A security manager installed and configured to
          download the proxy and support classes from the server

          3) the jndi.properties from the link
          and jnp-client.jar from jboss/client
          to get the connection to JBoss

          4) Your java code, i.e. InitialContext.lookup()/PortableRemoteObject.narrow()/etc.

          There are other ways to do this.

          For your other point RMI-IIOP should be available in 3.0
          soon so you can use Corba. Other protocols should follow :-)


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            mannu Newbie


            thanks a lot for your answer, your are my master!
            1/I managed to use my owne EJB (session/entite) : i am able to connect to a db, to extract/write data from/to my database. But it works only with a client java and with ant. In fact I only change one of the example of jboss, that is why i must use ant, but i would like not to do like this!!
            I would like to compile my class Client.java (but the classes are not found) to call my ejb. How to do to run my ejb without ANT?
            2/I use jboss2.4.4. I thaught it was possible to use the protocole RMI-IIOP (and thus other languages than java)with this version. Is it false?

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              Adrian Brock Master

              What error do you get when trying to call your ejb?

              It is possible to use other protocols to get at the ejb,
              but there is no direct support from the container/server
              like there will be in JBoss3. In JBoss3 you will be able
              to just deploy your application and the client can choose
              the protocol without any further configuration.
              I'm not an expert on this, perhaps somebody can answer
              this question.


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                mannu Newbie

                i have errors only when i do not use ant because of the import of my remote interface and local interface: they can't be found because of the path and of the package of this classes...

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                  Adrian Brock Master

                  You need the interfaces in the classpath when you run the client. You'll need to cast the narrowed object to
                  something so you can use it.
                  I wouldn't think the local interface works from a client :-)


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                    mannu Newbie

                    sorry but i am affraid i do not understand du to my english and my limited knowledge in jboss.
                    I thaught the client needs the home and the remote interface to work...
                    what do you mean by "I woudln't think the local interface works from a client"?
                    Do you tell me that the solution is to declar the interfaces in the classpath, of all ejb i want to use, and for each computer fromwhich my ejb should be called?

                    thanx a lot Adrian, and sorry for the lose of your time..

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                      Adrian Brock Master

                      I think I understand your question.

                      For the client code.
                      You need the home and remote interfaces of the ejb
                      in the classpath.
                      You also need jboss-j2ee.jar for EJBHome, etc.

                      Yes, you need to put the interfaces on each client


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                        mannu Newbie

                        Now, all is clear!
                        Thank you very much for your nice help.
                        If someone could explain me if it is possible to use a client with a Delphi language using RMI-IIOP with jboss2.4.4, i will be very happy.
                        Should I try a beta version like 3.0? If it's possible, where could I find examples with IDL script?
                        Thanks in advance,


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                          Adrian Brock Master

                          The RMI-IIOP is still work in progress
                          here's a link from the jboss-user mailing list.



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                            mannu Newbie

                            In case of jboss is not compatible with RMI-IIOP, do you think that other server like jonas should be better?
                            Many thanks...

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                              Adrian Brock Master

                              RMI/IIOP is part of the EJB2.0 spec, which a lot of
                              servers haven't caught up with yet.

                              JBoss-2.4.4 already has a lot of EJB2.0

                              We should have it all and much more by JBoss-3.0final
                              Hopefully this will be the end of March :-)


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                                Ted Sfikas Newbie

                                Hi Adrian,

                                So can we expect RMI/IIOP integration sometime soon then( ie. Q1/Q2 )?

                                Just curious: what are the reasons that the JBoss team was not able to implement RMI/IIOP earlier? I realize that this is not a trivial thing; but I guess what I am getting at is if there are any other reasons besides complexity and time. Perhaps there is a large user base that JBoss is aware that doesn't need this functionality right away, so they concentrated on other things?

                                Thank you,

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                                  ppetit Newbie

                                  just an idea...
                                  perhaps, to avoid the use of IIOP that is not yet implemented in JBoss, the idea is to split the client part, I mean :
                                  use the business part in Delphi and make it work with a part of Java that could use RMI to insure remote connections with JBoss...
                                  But I don't know if it's possible to make Delphi and Java speack each other... if somebody else has the answer !

                                  it was just an idea...
                                  regards Philippe

                                  • 14. Re: i send a SOS
                                    mannu Newbie

                                    hi philippe,

                                    yes It would be the solution, and "use the business part in Delphi" is my purpose. I guess it is possible to make Delphi and Java speack each other by corba...
                                    Thanx a lot, and do not hesitate to give me other advice!

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