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    howto teiid odata v4 with "any" query in expand statement

    Christoph John Novice

      Hello together,

      I  have some trouble to get a query working, maybe someone can help me with the syntax


      I have two Tables here



      - idDiaryEntry

      -fkIdProductCode (which is the foreignKey to the primary key of an Item in second table)



      -idCode (primary key)



      The expansion via the navigation property fkDiaryToFDBProducts is working if I do not use the last filter statement in the query below


      What I am trying to achive now, is to filter all entries whose product_name start with the letter "M""


      The url below is one of many tries I did to get it working. Unfortunately, I do not undertstand how this all shall be used together with the lambda variable name "a" here


      https://morpheus.fritz.box/odata4/svc/my_nutri_diary/Diary?$select=idDiaryEntry&$expand=fkDiaryToFDBProducts($select=idCode,product_name)&$filter= fkDiaryToFDBProducts/product_name/all(a:contains(a/product_name,%27M%27))