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    How to deploy different war files with same context root and different ports on JBOSS EAP 7.1??


      Hello All,


      I have two war (App1.war, App2.war) files. I need same context root for them with different port.


      For App1.war - http://app1Host:8081/app

      For App2.war - http://app2Host:8091/app



      1. I have changed standalone.xml file as below:

      i. Under undertow :

      <server name="app1-server">

      <http-listener name="app1-listener" socket-binding="app1-config-manager"/>

      <host name="app1Host" alias="app1Host" default-web-module="App1.war"/>



      <server name="app2-server">

      <http-listener name="app2-listener" socket-binding="app2-config-manager"/>

      <host name="app2Host" alias="app2Host" default-web-module="App2.war"/>



      ii.  Under socket-binding-group :

      <socket-binding name="app1-config-manager" port="8081"/>

      <socket-binding name="app2-config-manager" port="8091"/>


      2. Made changes in jboss-web.xml as below:

      For App1.war >>







      For App2.war >>







      Bur it is not working as expected.


      Thank for help in advance.