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    CDI portable extension does not receive ProcessAnnotatedType events




      I am trying to integrate Spring Data JPA with CDI on WebSphere application server. I am using CDI portable extension which is implemented by Spring guys in the following classes:



      spring-data-commons/CdiRepositoryExtensionSupport.java at master · spring-projects/spring-data-commons · GitHub


      As far as I understand method which observes ProcessAnnotatedType event should be triggered for each class in the classpath if beans.xml contains bean discovery mode set to all.

      I checked and during the runtime constructor for this extension is called but this method is not. Somehow like this extension does not receive these events.


      I also tried with discovery mode set to annotated and I added @ApplicationScoped to my interface - same result.

      The same configuration works great on JBoss EAP 7.1.


      What could be the reason?