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    Jberet-ui in Wildfly


      Hi All,


      Having completed a brand new local instalation of Wildfly, I download the Jberet-ui and from the base folder execute "npm start", the ui starts properly however it looks like there is no backend and no jobs, however I have the sample job "numbers" running and available in the wildfly server.


      Is necessary to configure something on jberet-ui to "see" the wildfly Server?


      Thank you!


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          the most important part is to configure restUrl, which tells where your server is.  The configured value will be substituted when building the project.


          Please see the project README.md for details.

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            Thank you! I just compile Wildfly from the maste(like jberet-ui)r, in the standard version what is the URL to set in the restUrl in the file config.json? I did try http://localhost:8080/api  but no success.

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              you need to have a web app that is already deployed to WildFly server to provide the REST API service.  Then jberet-ui can connect to that web app to view and exchange data thru rest api. 


              The deployed web app contains your batch application, and jberet-rest library, which exposes batch processing REST API in a format that jberet-ui understands.


              So the restUrl points to that deployed web app's rest service, for ex: http://localhost:8080/restAPI/api , here your web app has context root restAPI.


              http://localhost:8080/api will work only if you deployed your batch web app as a root app.

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                Hi !


                I had the job Numbers-chunk already deployed in my Wildlfy 18 Beta, once I realized that, I changed the config.json and I got jberet ui working.


                Undeploy Numbers-chunk...

                Meanwhile with the RestApi 1.3.5.Final-SNAPSHOT and executing the instructions I manage to deploy Jberet UI at the first try.


                Thank you!

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                  Glad it worked for you.  Feel free to post here if you have other questions.