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    after updgrade 7.0 sql query with alias name is not wroking


      i am upgrading jboss 4.0 to jboss 7.0 .and jboss 7.0 query have alias column is not coming in result








        SELECT t.status_id AS id, t.code

        FROM sme..status_types as t










      the code which execute this query



      List result = null;

      result = jdbcTemplate.queryForList(namedQuery.getQuery());







      when deploy our application on jboss 7 it provided below output



      jdbc server query result : [{status_id=1, code=SUB}]



      but when we run the same query on jboss 4 it's return below result



      jdbc server query result : [{id=1, code=SUB}]







      we are using sybase database and jdbc jar is used jconnect4.jar