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    WeldJunit5 - bindResource and Wildfly resource injection- name versus lookup




      We use the weld test container a lot for testing our application, running in the latest wildfly release. We are extremely happy with weld for easy testing.

      There is one little thing which makes my life a bit harder or I didn't found so far the solution.


      I can bind a resource like this:



          public WeldInitiator weld = WeldInitiator


                 .bindResource("DefaultManagedThreadFactory", new ManagedThreadFactory() {



                      public Thread newThread(Runnable r) {

                          return new Thread(r);







      Weld will inject the resource if the lookup attribute is used @Resource(lookup = "DefaultManagedThreadFactory") but this is not runnable in wildfly, here I have to use the name attribute @Resource(name= "DefaultManagedThreadFactory")


      Is it possible to support also the name attribute for resource injections?