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    wildfly 8.2 huge memory allocation during and after deployement


      I am using wildfly 8.2.1 final to deploy java ee 7 maven web application wars about 30 war with dependence between them using rmi remote ejb. I found that the server consumes a lot of memory special on startup of the server to 8 g my java opt are -xms 8g -xmx 8g -metaspacesize 1g .so I use java "visualvm" to understand what is happening. I found that the most consumed memory is for 2 types of threads at deploy: MSC service thread and after deploy finish: DeployementScanner-threads in additional that no user use the server or the deployed application this server was just for test here down is an image

      my question is why wildfly starts with about 3g and after some time the memory growth to ~= 8g without any action on the server its idle any help to solve this problem please