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    JBoss JNDI and persistence?

    mdichi Newbie


      "mdichi" wrote:
      Does JBoss JNDI really persist objects stored in it? As part of a quick experiment I ran JBoss, ran a JSP (which calls an EJB that stores a string in JNDI), quit JBoss, and then restarted JBoss.

      I observed the JNDI repository using JNDI explorer right after I stored my string. It was there. Then I observed the JNDI repository after restarting JBoss. It was gone!

      Shouldn't info stored in JNDI remain there even after a shutdown of JBoss?

      My code follows at the end of this message.



      Context c = new InitialContext();
      Context c2 = c.createSubcontext( "test" );
      c2.bind( "who", new String( "Mike" ) );
      catch( Exception e )