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    one build.xml.......for complete project.....how to???

    Aqil Newbie

      i want to make a single build.xml to which i can give 2 command line argument ......1) the path of the source directory (where my class files r placed)....2)my destination directory(where it should place its jar,war,ear file).......coz command line argument will save me from hard coding the absolute path at each and every place.........for that.....i have merged the two build.xml files.....in the example documentation.......but when i run it....it gives the following error.......Plz see if there is something wrong with build.xml or its invocation or both...-;)

      ============Command Prompt===========================
      restexampleproject>ant C:\Jetty\JBoss-2.2.2_Jetty-3.1.RC5\jboss\InterestExampleD
      Buildfile: build.xml


      restexampleproject\build.xml:46: You must specify value, location or refid with
      the name attribute

      Total time: 0 seconds
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
      <!-- An Ant build file for the Interest EJB example

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

      Ant build file for the documentation tutorial code
      Writer of a chapter with an example have to include a foroward
      to their build file. This latest build file suppose arguments
      sets here :
      src.dir : Directory where the source are : manual\src\examples
      build.dir : Base directory where to store generated files (class/ejb/war/...)
      classpath : Classpath used to make any compilation (set up here by verifing
      which version of JBoss is used.

      <!-- Override with your JBoss server dist location if the JBOSS_DIST env var is not set -->

      <!-- Override with your web server servlet jar location. The default assumes that
      JBOSS_DIST points to a JBoss/Tomcat bundle distribution

      <!-- Tutorial ejb jar -->

      <!-- Tutorial web app war -->

      <!-- Create the tutorial ear that uses the properties based security info -->