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    Cannot open connection warpConnection - File: pr_warp.c Line

    Axel Muench Newbie

      I'm trying to access my 'webapp', which is deployed as a 'webapp.ear' file in the 'deploy' directory of JBoss.

      1.) I just can't get the Apache-Jboss2.4.4-Catalina4.0.1 connection to work. (Error: Cannot open connection warpConnection, File: pr_warp.c Line: 239)
      Accessing it through works fine but not through

      2.) Plus, on the other hand an Apache + separate Catalina4.0.1 combination works fine. Webapp is distributed as 'webapp.war' in the webapps directory of Catalina.

      Anybody an idea why I'm stuck here?

      Thanks, Axel.