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    How to test the setup "Apache 1.3.23 + Tomcat4.01 + JBoss2.4

    Wilson Mak Newbie

      Hello all,

      I just set up Apache 1.3.23 & Tomcat(4.01) with JBoss2.4.4 and want to know how to have a simple test to see whether all the things work properly. Because I can browse the site (e.g. http://10.1.0.x:8080) even without running Apache.
      The "DocumentRoot" points to xxx/jboss/deploy/.war
      P.S. I can start Tomcat_with_Jboss (run_with_catalina.sh) and Apache properly. But whenever I shutdown Apache, I got error message " [error] Cannot remove module mod_jk.c: not found in module list".

      Thanks in advance,