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    invalid servlet URI in jboss2.4 & tomcat4.0.1

    Fabio Newbie

      When deploying an unpackaged web application using the combined jboss 2.4.4 & tomcat 4.0.1, i get error 404 when trying to load URIs other than the index.html page. The same application works fine if I package it as a war file.

      For development, it is much faster if I can use the unpackaged version. However, when I copy the unpackaged application to jboss/deploy I can only access the URI http://localhost:8080/auditor/ . Anything else, say for example http://localhost:8080/auditor/viewData.html returns a 404 error.

      I believe the "auditor" directory to be correct because if I package it with "jar cvf auditor.war *" and copy the resulting auditor.war file to jboss/deploy it works fine. I do have a WEB-INF directory, web.xml, and all classes and libs required by my application. I also notice the request does not even get to the servlet as if to say that tomcat does not recognise the URI so it returns 404.

      All in all in points to a configuration issue with the combined jboss & tomcat. I searched the archives with no luck. I also created the ".war" file in jboss/deploy containing the standard catalina/ROOT application as some people suggested.

      Any pointers on how I could solve this?