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    How to execute JSP and Servlet on Jboss/Tomcat and Apache

    Manoj G. Kithany Newbie

      Hi JBosses!


      Can any of the JBosses help me out in executing simple JSP and Servlet application on Jboss/Apache/Tomcat. Here it is:

      I have "login.jsp" where User enters Username and passowrd and clicks Submit. The Form Action then calls the Servlet "login.class"

      My question is where to place JSP, Java and class files and how to execute my Application.

      Where do I need to place WAR/EAR/JAR Files?

      Pl. draw the "Directory Structure" when refering to Directorys beocs it would be difficult to figure out which directory you are refering to.


      Manoj G. Kithany