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    JSP problem

    Ajay Sinha Newbie

      Hi all
      I am using jsp pages for web ui. These jsp files are distibuted among different folders.

      |-- login
      | | |-- invalid_login.html
      | | |-- login.html
      | | `-- login.jsp
      | |-- main
      | | |-- content.html
      | | |-- main.jsp
      | | `-- navi.jsp

      in my login.jsp page i am trying to redirect the page to main.jsp as

      <jsp:forward page="../main/main.jsp" />

      but it shows me error :
      The requested resource (/login/../main/main.jsp) is not available.

      Why it's like that, because the code works for weblogic7. Is there any configuration for JSP which i am missing ?
      I haven't used any xml file for JSP pages. I simply made a war file and deployed it. If there is any xml file please give me a sample of the same.