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    What steps are needed to install ColdFusionMX?

    Tim Paulson Newbie

      After copying either the ColdFusionMX EAR (cfusion.ear) or the WAR (cfusion.war) into the %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\deploy\ directory, MS fails to initialize. It causes stack traces to be generated into the JBoss console (see attachment).
      I have successfully installed the ColdFusionMX Web App into JRun and WebLogic using the instructions at http://livedocs.macromedia.com/cfmxdocs/Installing_CFMX_for_J2EE/contents.htm. The steps I took in both JRun and WebLogic are roughly:
      1. Create a new subdirectory in the default deployment directory.
      2. Unpack the cfusion.war file into this new dir.
      3. Invoke a special control in the admin GUI to "register" the ColdFusionMX Web App.

      Sorry, I am very hazy about this "registering" step. I just followed MacroMedia's recipe. But, this step must do some crucial configuration. My first attempt with WebLogic produced the same errors as the JBoss installation (see attachment). (i.e. when I merely deployed the WAR file).

      So, is there something that needs tweaking in the META-INF/web.xml?
      Can I somehow deploy it into the Tomcat layer of my JBoss/Tomcat bundle?
      Come on JBoss'ers! Save me from the company pressure to fall back to the "supported" WebLogic/ColFusionMX installation!
      Certainly this must help the JBoss cause in other groups as well, no?
      (And please, no suggestions to use JSP instead... :(