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    In which folder should i store generated images?

    peejay Newbie


      I use the JBoss3.2.1/Tomcat bundle.

      In my web-application i use a chart-taglibary which created charts-images (jpg/gif) from data provided by my application.
      The chart taglib needs some parameters, one is the absolute path to the folder in which the generated image should be stored, another parameter is the relative path to this folder, so that the jsp in which the taglib is used can access the image. (The taglib writes an html-img tag into the jsp.)

      I tried serveral folders, but i didnt manage to access the images with my jsp-page.

      eg i tried to store the images in :
      but i didnt work.

      Did anyone know where to store images which are generated dynamically from the application?

      Thanks in advance