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    class accessibility/visiibility from JBoss <config-type>/lib

    Paul Newbie

      I have searched for the answer to this problem, but I have not been successful in finding the answer (or even the same type of question).

      Is it possible to configure JBoss/Tomcat so that a given .war app will look for dependent classes from within the [JBoss-install]/[config-type]/lib directory rather than the WEB-INF/lib directory inside the .war? I'd like to not have to include the dependent jars into the .war file.

      We're adding java-based Crystal Reports to our app, and the total size of the Crystal jars is about 14MB. This makes our .ear go from 1.5MB to about 16MB. This causes several problems, among which is an occasional timeout exception during the deploy of our application from within JBoss and the transfer time when deploying to remote machines.