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    Browser hangs intermittently when request for images are for

    Gaurav Bansal Newbie

      We are using JBoss v4.2.3.ga and Apache v 2.2.9 and mod_jk v 1.2.26 are being used as the load balancer.

      We have observed that sometimes JBoss fails to send response for a image file. At this stage the browser hangs but on clicking the refresh button the page is rendered completely.

      On analysing the network packets we saw that GET request for image is send by the browser but no response is received. We also checked the logs of apache and mod_jk but there are no logs for this particular image request. Then I shutdown the JBoss server and response code 503 was send to the browser. At this stage browser comes out of hang state. Also the logs for this request can be seen in both Apache and mod_jk logs.
      It is not that browser hangs only in case of one particular image but the behaviour is completely random. The images are packaged inside jar files of Trinidad components.

      It seems that there is some I/O failure in JBoss-tomcat because of which request doesn't get completed. The thread dump of JBoss doesn't point to any deadlocks on server side.

      What could be the possible reasons for this behaviour?
      Is it a known issue in JBoss v4.2.3.ga and is there is a fix for this?