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    Single Sign On Support Between Multiple Web Apps Deployed On

    Tim Archer Newbie


      "timarcher52" wrote:
      I've been looking around to see if I could perform a single sign on between two web applications deployed under the same server instance of JBoss, but have not found a way.

      I have two applications deployed, one is a simple intranet/information app deployed at:

      The other app is a project time tracking app deployed at:

      For both apps, I use form based authentication, and it works greate. However, I now want to embed a link on the intranet app to the project tracking app. When the user clicks on the project tracking link after logging into the intranet, I would rather them not have to login to the time tracking app again.

      I tried setting both apps to have the same Realm and security role requirements for access to resources in t he web.xml, and they both use the same security manager, however I cannot get single sign on to happen.

      Has anyone out there done this?

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