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    sanjuthomas Newbie

      i am trying to mingrate from weblogic to JBoss 3.2.2, so i need to deploy my all EJBs into JBoss server, i am implementing security using DatabaseServerLoginModule since my user details & roles are stored in Database. I have completed server side implementations, but i am unaware about the entries to be specified in the ejb-jar.xml such as security-role , role-name and so on, if somebody know about this please help me.

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          Gerd Streubel Newbie

          I recommend you to utilize Xdoclet (xdoclet.sourceforge.net). With this tool you can decorate your businessmethods with deployment information and the deployment descriptors are generated automatically both for weblogic and jboss and many others. I never wrote or clicked DDs by my self.
          The informations are prepended to the associated class or method as javadoc tags like the following example.

           * @ejb:interface-method view-type="remote"
           * @ejb:permission role-name="admin"
           public void deleteAddress( AddressPK pk) throws RemoveException, FinderException {
           if ( pk == null) throw new IllegalArgumentException("PK == null");
           AddressLocal address = this.addressHome.findByPrimaryKey( pk);

          Look at this tool, it's worth.


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            jboss fan Newbie

            it looks like you're just getting started with jboss - the jboss documentation is cheap, and has some nice examples.