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    Are substitutions allowed in login-config.xml?

    Jimmy Wilson Apprentice

      We using the substitution feature in many of our configuration files/deployment descriptors where "${property}" will be substituted with the the value specified on the command line as a system property ("-Dproperty=value"). However, this does not appear to work for login-config.xml. Is there a reason that this functionality does not work here? Security maybe? Is there a workaround?

      The reason I ask is that we are using LDAP-based security, and we want to choose the LDAP server's hostname at startup (it is not necessarily known at when the JBoss binaries/server configurations are deployed).

      Any help would be appreciated!

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          Clive Brettingham-Moore Newbie

          The short answer is no. Login configuration files are processed very simply using few functions and an XML parser (both the server login-configs and any dynamic configs are loaded by the same code).

          The config files that you used subsitution in were probably services, which are handled by a completely different mechanism, the SARDeployer MBean, which is where the property configuration occurs (added in 3.0.5).

          You could try to make a custom login module that picked up the system properties, directly or via a MBean (or add [lobby for?] substitution capability in XMLLoginConfig).