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    Using SSL with the JBoss/Tomcat bundle

    Ryan Ogaard Newbie

      Hello All...

      First, I would like to mention that I have been through the following documentation (numerous times):

      Using SSL with the JBoss/Tomcat bundlehttp://docs.jboss.org/jbossas/jboss4guide/r1/html/ch9.chapt.html#d0e22417

      Using SSL with JBoss using JSSE


      I have not had any luck successfully testing the configuration with https.

      Does anyone have any clear instructions on how to step through exactly what needs to be done to simply enable SSL over HTTP with the JBoss/Tomcat bundle? I have tried many configurations with both /jbossweb-tomcat50.sar/server.xml and /conf/jboss-service.xml without success.

      I'll provide any additional information that you may need to clarify the problem I'm having. Essentially, https://, is returning "The page cannot be displayed".

      What environment variables do I need set for ${jboss.server.home.dir} to work correctly? JBOSS_HOME and JBOSS_CONFIG?

      I greatly appreciate any help that anyone may be able to provide...

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          Michael Dinsmore Newbie

          The jbosss.server.home.dir gets populated via jboss on startup so you don't need to configure anything. Did you make your own key? Did you put it in the conf directory for the jboss server instance you're running and make sure the server.xml file section with the ssl (its default setting is for port 8443) is uncommented and you changed the reference for the keystore to your own file? Did you have problems making a keystore file -- did you use openssl or the java keytool? You don't really say enough to give any other advice.

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            Ryan Ogaard Newbie

            Hello mjdinsmore,

            Thank you for the reply...

            - I created a self-signed certificate with the keytool (as directed to do in the documentation "Using SSL with JBoss using JSSE"),
            - The keystore was moved to ${jboss.server.home.dir}/conf/
            - The server.xml file was updated ("Using SSL with the JBoss/Tomcat bundle"), and is using port 8443 and my keystore.
            - The keystore created was created without any problems with keytool.

            An update on my progress:
            I decided to test the same documented procedures on a local installation of JBoss versus the remote server I've been having difficulty with. The test worked and successfully returned a secure connection with my self-signed certificate to https://localhost:8443/ I'm currently looking into why the remote server (https://test.example.com:8443/) is not returning a secure connection. Again, Internet Explorer is returning a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" and Firefox is giving me a message that "Firefox and the server cannot communicate securely because they have no common encryption algorithms"...

            Thanks again!