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    QueueRequestor deadlock

    Jim Hazen Expert

      I'm seeing that for a large number of requests > 1000. QueueRequestor's seem to hang. I don't have a problem with the same code under Fiorano. I've also implemented my own QueueRequestor using either an internal TemporaryQueue or MessageSelector. What's odd is that my impl also hangs for some reason under this load. This too does not happen under Fiorano.

      Could there be some synchronization issues in the JBoss QueueRequestor, the use of TemporaryQueues or the construction of message selectors? In my case I'm sending messages very rapidly, possibly more than one per ms.

      Anyone have any ideas? These requests are all done within a single thread. There are similar problems in a multithreaded program. Is the JBoss QueueRequestor thread safe?