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    JBossMQ and NAT (Network Address Translation)

    Reinhard Verch Newbie

      we have a problem with Network Address Translation (dynamic) and JBossMQ. The server will connect to the Client IP in his subnet behind the router.

      What can we do?

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          Joshua Newbie

          I am also very puzzled by this question.

          Take for instance cable modems (usually use dynamic IP)

          Case Scenario:

          Household 1 has a router having public IP
          behind this router is >= 2 host machines
          Host machines have a local subnet IP 192.168.#.#

          Household 2: identical to Household 1 but, of course a
          different house

          A = a host machine from Household 1
          B = a host machine from Household 2
          C = a host having a public IP (not shared)

          Let's start from the base of my confusion:
          can A create a socket connection with B?
          What are the possible ways these 2 hosts can send
          messages to each other?

          A can see C, but C can't see A?
          A & B can't see each other?

          And at the top of the pyramid:
          Is it possible for A to send an asyncronous message
          to B using JBossMQ? Explain please.

          how about A & B talking directly to each other bypassing a central server if both hosts are connected to the Internet. If this would work it would save a lot of strain on the central server (C)

          I hope the response to this clears a lot of confusion others may share with me.

          I'll leave firewalls for another time.

          Please, someone clear our confusion!