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    JBosses on windows & unix can't talk

    John Lindsey Newbie

      I'm trying some of the simple JMS examples on a mix of windows and unix boxes. If I run jboss and the client on the same box, it works. If I try to have the client connect to a remote box (unix to windows or windows to unix) it fails trying to get the connection factory because the call to: javax.naming.Context.lookup( "ConnectionFactory" ) returns null. There are no exceptions thrown.

      I don't think I have any sort of firewall or other net connection issue since I can do a simple telnet from either box to the correct remote port and get some output that indicates that jboss is listening.

      I'm using:
      * jboss 3-2 ORC2 (and I also tried 3.0.4 with the bundled tomcat 4.0.6)
      * windows xp
      * redhat 8.0

      Any ideas?