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    JBoss 3.2.3 : Getting a javax.naming.NameNotFoundException:

    Gregory Chazalon Newbie

      Hi Jboss fellowship,

      If only I hadn't changed anything since this morning... I wouldn't bother you with my post !

      I am getting an exception at server startup :

      16:46:25,904 ERROR [URLDeploymentScanner] MBeanException: Exception in MBean operation 'checkIncompleteDeployments()'
      Cause: Incomplete Deployment listing:
      Packages waiting for a deployer:

      Incompletely deployed packages:

      MBeans waiting for classes:

      MBeans waiting for other MBeans:
      [ObjectName: jboss.j2ee:jndiName=local/SIPReceiver,service=EJB
      state: FAILED
      I Depend On:
      Depends On Me: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: DefaultJMSProvider not bound]
      16:46:25,904 INFO [URLDeploymentScanner] Started jboss.deployment:type=DeploymentScanner,flavor=URL
      16:46:25,964 INFO [MainDeployer] Deployed package: file:/D:/jboss-3.2.3/server/default/conf/jboss-service.xml


      I have a MDBean and a Queue setup on my server. The funny thing is that it used to work fine this morning, but I must have change something, because now It doesn'r work.

      I've searched the post, and made sure the "RecursiveSearch" is set to True in the jboss-service.xml, but it didn't help.

      I will appreciate any help.