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    Discovery of Tomcat on windows and discovery of JMXServers

    Carl Abramsson Newbie


      I've made some improvements of the Tomcat-plugin. The version in the trunk doesn't play nice with Tomcat on windows (or the default service wrapper for windows that Tomcat comes with).

      Also, I've found a solution for the JDK6-based discovery of JMXServers without the drawback of creating a new resource each time the JVM gets a new PID. My workaround for this is to let the DiscoveryBean connect to the JMXServer via the PID-url and extract the port of the MBeanServer via JMX instead of parsing the commandline-args. I guess it's possible to do the same for Tomcat.

      Are these patches of interest?

      BTW, we are now testing the current beta on 30 servers and a total of 2000+ services. ;-)