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jboss jndi creation

Davide Pettenò Newbie

I'm using jboss 5.
When I using the admin console:

* if you create a new data source, it is places in server/xxx/deploy as jndiname -ds.xml
* if you edit an existing data source (including one you just created a few seconds ago) then the modifications (or actually, a whole new set of config settings) is placed in server/xxx/data/attachment/ datasourcename-ds.xml-randomid /org.jboss.resource.metadata.mcf.ManagedConnectionFactoryDeploymentGroup.attachment.xml

What I would like to do is merge the changes that appear in the org.jboss.resource.metadata.mcf.ManagedConnectionFactoryDeploymentGroup.attachment.xml file into the server/xxx/deploy/*-ds.xml file.

There is a way to do this?