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    General editor (plugin) framework

    Heiko Braun Master

      Michael wrote:

      Well Mike brock and I are kinda working on that. What do you mean by
      "editor" here? You mean some GUI type of thing that it is easy to stick
      editors in?

      We have something so far that does some of this: the idea is that you
      can "snap in" a navigator view in the left hand pane, and have that open
      windows in the right (the contents of which are just vanilla GWT
      widgets). The benefit of this is that it looks real pretty from the
      start ! (first impressions count).

      Pluggable editors - yes there was a Google summer of code project to do
      that (uses code generation). Quite a few ways to do this.

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          Michael Neale Expert

          I think what is of interest in general is the ToolSet API that Mike Brock was working on. Its really just a simple way to snap in a few widgets - what those widgets do is up to them (thats the nice thing about GWT composites).
          There are a few nice to have helper methods to popup dialogs etc to give a consistent behaviour and look, but they could be optional.

          The main thing should be that when needed - users just sign in once, and can see all the bits they need to see in the obvious places (so admin stuff goes in admin).

          I have done a PoC with JON - with some small tweaks to JON it is possible to also embedd it, to provide a more consistent navigation experience, see here: [img]http://www.jboss.org/community/servlet/JiveServlet/download/9834-32-4440/guvnorweb.png[/img]