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    SQL Dialect in Teiid designer

    Kirk Maskalenko Newbie

      I am using an Oracle data source and have been sucessful in connecting to the data source and getting a connector setup in teiid designer. I used the generic jdbc driver connector, not the oracle8 jdbc connector that appears in the connectors list. Got errors when attempting to setup the oracle 8 connector. Configuration appears to be Oracle Datadirect driver specific.

      Importing schema information into the model is working fine. When I Preview Data for the imported objects, I get a ORA-00933 SQL command not properly ended. Looking at the teiid generated query, a table alias is being used. An "AS" clause is being used to map the table to the alias which appears to be causing the oracle error. I don't think is standard SQL alias syntax. Is there some way to configure the sql dialect configuration in teiid? Can the auto generated queries be manually modified?