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    Teiid + Hibernate problem: can't create table with hbm2ddl

    Juan Ignacio Sánchez Lara Apprentice

      I'm trying to use Teiid Embedded in a Seam application.

      Before using Teiid I had two different XA datasources, the main one for Seam (@persistence.xml) and other for jBPM (@jbpm-hibernate.cfg.xml), as suggested at Seam in Action.

      When I configured Teiid I first tried to change only the main one, but a transaction error was thrown after the very first query (Teiid complaint that it wasn't in a transaction). Since Teiid already guarantees transactionability, I am trying to use Teiid datasource for both components.

      I've configured the dialect (org.teiid.dialect.TeiidDialect), but when jBPM tries to create the database it throws many errors like this one:

      13:13:09,109 ERROR [SchemaExport] Unsuccessful: create table JBPM_ACTION (ID_ long not null, class char not null, NAME_ string, ISPROPAGATIONALLOWED_ boolean, ACTIONEXPRESSION_ string, ISASYNC_ boolean, REFERENCEDACTION_ long, ACTIONDELEGATION_ long, EVENT_ long, PROCESSDEFINITION_ long, TIMERNAME_ string, DUEDATE_ string, REPEAT_ string, TRANSITIONNAME_ string, TIMERACTION_ long, EXPRESSION_ string, EVENTINDEX_ integer, EXCEPTIONHANDLER_ long, EXCEPTIONHANDLERINDEX_ integer, primary key (ID_))
      13:13:09,109 ERROR [SchemaExport] Parsing error: Encountered "table" at line 1, column 8.
      Was expecting one of:
       "local" ...
       "virtual" ...
       "update" ...
       "procedure" ...

      It seems there're problems with the dialect, isn't it?