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    Error when using teiid client jdbc - Cause : package sun.uti

    Romain GROS Newbie

      Hi all,

      Here is our problem.

      We are embedding the teiid client jdbc in one of our bundle on OSGI to connect to teiid server in order to request a Virtual Database previously created on teiid designer.

      When our bundle is requesting for teiid client jdbc we have an error saying that class sun.util.calender.Zoneinfo cannot be loaded by our OSGI framework.

      Is this class used in Teiid client jdbc ?

      Thanks for your help

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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          No, It not being used directly anywhere in the code, however in Sun JDK it is used by


          classes. These Teiid certainly uses them in the code. Are you using Sun JDK? This exception happening during the creation of the jdbc connection?

          During the connection time if you are using "File path profile", we do use a post-delegation model to load all the Teiid libraries, and we properly delegate any java or javax classes to higher class loader. The Designer tool uses Teiid in the Eclipse as a plug-in module too, we have not seen this specific issue.

          may be you can debug and find the source class which is trying to load this class?