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    Can't find the VDB

    Nestor Rodriguez Newbie

      I'm trying out Teiid in our environment. I'm running on a Windows machine and using the 6.1.0 Embedded distro.

      I've built and successfully tested a sample VDB (Partsdemo) in Teiid Designer. I placed a copy of the VDB in the deploy folder in the embedded core directory as indicated. I wrote a simple JDBC query Java program in Eclipse, added all the libraries, and linked the core directory as a source (using Eclipse's "Link Source" command).

      When I try to run the code I get the following error:

      com.metamatrix.common.application.exception.ApplicationInitializationException: Archive file "classpath:/Partsdemo.vdb" not found, failed to load the VDB.

      I'm sure I'm missing something trivial, but nevertheless I'm stuck.