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    To maven or to make

    Juergen Weber Novice


      we are looking into BlackTie as Tuxedo replacement, which I believe would be the typical audience where to expect the most BlackTie users from, apart from some CICS users, I guess.
      So we are interested in the C and ATMI part (with a bit of Corba and C++) and we are used to using Makefiles. Now on trying to build BlackTie it looks like I have to dig into Maven (which is kind of alien to C, is it?). For building our own applications we would not want to turn away from make.
      I guess you wanted to have a unifying build system for Java and C, whereas I'd prefer to build C++ with what's natural for C++ and Unix. May I plead for including Makefiles that don't delegate to Maven in the C++ modules and samples of BlackTie?