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    building jboss-mx under windows from HEAD

    Carl Spakler Newbie

      Hello. I just pulled the jboss-mx module from CVS at HEAD. Then I tried running build.bat under the build directory (since I am using windows) from a DOS prompt. I get the following error:

      Calling ..\tools\bin\ant.bat
      Buildfile: build.xml
      Trying to override old definition of task property




      [echo] groups: default
      [echo] modules: jmx


      [execmodules] ==========================================================[execmodules] == Executing 'most' in module 'jmx'...
      [execmodules] ==

      jar:file:/C:/Projects/JBoss/jboss-mx/tools/lib/buildmagic-tasks.jar!/org/jboss/tools/buildmagic/common.xml:242: You must specify value, on or refid with the name attribute

      I have tried using both ant 1.4 and ant 1.5. When I check out the jboss-all module and run build.bat, it works. Any idea why I can't get it to run for the jboss-mx module?