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    J2EE Mgmnt for EJBs

    mprybczynski Newbie

      I am trying to find an example of a concrete class that implements an interface from the javax.management.j2ee package (e.g. StatefulSessionStats). I have searched the entire JBoss 3.07 source tree without finding a hit. I can see interface classes in src/main/javax/management/j2ee but I can't find any examples of their usage.

      Looking at Sun's javadoc, it appears that the javax.management.j2ee package makes its debut in J2EE 1.4, so I am surprised to see these interfaces in JBoss 3.07. And since they are there, can I used them? Where can I find some examples of extending MBeans to include javax.management.j2ee interfaces?

      Could you shed some light on the topic and point me in the right direction?