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    AdventNet SNMP 5.0 Adaptor and JBoss 4

    eric cartman Newbie


      I am trying to publish my JMX messages via SNMP. I don't have good SNMP background and as far as I read and talked to people, there is nothing SIMPLE about SNMP, therefore I thought AdventNet's SNMP adaptor would be just the right solution for my problem.

      I've downloaded AdventNet SNMPAdaptor 5.0 evaluation version but unfortunately when I saw that there is no support for JBoss except 3.0.x and 3.2.x versions I was so dissappointed. So my question is

      1) Is JBoss 4 compatible with AdventNet SNMPAdaptor 5.0?
      1.1) If it is, how can I configure SNMPAdaptor with JBoss? Is there a way around? Could you please give me simple MBean example and how to publish an SNMP message via Rule Editor. I found AdventNet's documentation rather poor.
      1.2) If it is not compatible, will JBoss have a similar approach (not SNMP support which is already there for people confident in SNMP but an SNMP Adaptor to automate JMX to SNMP) in the next release?