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    Fredrik Eriksson Newbie


      I'm wondering if there is someone who has build and deployed BlackTie on Sun Solaris.

      There are a few libraries that BlackTie depends upon that I'm guessing would be a little cumbersome to build on Solaris. That is, a lot of hacking in configure-files and make-files. Especially if we want to use Sun Studio CC as compiler and linker.

      If you do not "support" building on Solaris yet, do you think that this is something you could help us out with? We are currently going to get our hands on, and do a first evaluation on BlackTie, to see if this seems to be the way to go (get rid of Tuxedo). If this goes well I think there is a good chance that we could contribute resources to the BlackTie community.

      We started to set up an environment some time ago, but we had some other problem in our production that got prioritized (a bug in the weblogic-AS, isn't that ironic? :))