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    JBoss 3.0 Product Development Timeline

    wherestheprocess Newbie

      guys - where's the schedule for the jboss 3.0 product development ?? i am trying to pick app servers for our next product release coming up in july 2002 and my hands are tied as far as jboss is concerned because there is no published schedule and no news on when to expect the beta and the final product.
      with the sort of casual 'its ready when its ready' attitude - its hard to root for jboss - because i cant really plan any serious product development based on jboss.
      so i guess for the moment its going to have to be weblogic followed by a last minute jboss throw-in - but this is going to affect the product pricing.
      my gripe with open source is this cavalier attitude - at least let people know the build schedule so they can plan accordingly. thanks.