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    Jboss 2.2.2 and VAJ (VisualAge) problem

    Patrick Newbie


      I have tried to follow the online docs to be able to run and debug in VAJ 3.5 without success. First, the manual sais to use source from org.jboss.resource.RARDeployer version 1.3 but there is no newer one than 1.2 so I tried that one insted. Next, when you are deploying under <vaj-home>/deploy nothing happens. I have tried to export to this directory in a jar, as directory and also without exporting. Under deploy/META-INF I have putted the ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml but it doesn't seem like JBoss cares about those files on start up. It doesn't put anything out to the console anyway. JNDI can't find the bean when I'm testing from a client. Can anyone help?

      / Patrick