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    Where do I put utility Jars for Directory based ear deployme

    Ken Newbie

      I am deploying a mock ear directory structure to JBOSS 2.4.4_Tomcat-4.0.1. I create a directory called app.ear in the deploy directory - in this are directories with the required files for myejb.jar myapp.war etc. Also, there is a library directory, with all the utility jars that are referenced in the manifest.mf in the ejb jars (i.e myejb.jar/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF - The classpath in there refers to them at library/utility.jar.

      When I pack this as an actual EAR - it deploy and runs fine. When I unpack all the EJB's, WAR's etc into a directory tree structure (to speed up deploy/debug) It won't find the utility classes. I have to put them in the lib/ext directory to be found, but of course any changes to these util jars don't get picked up. Any thoughts on this ... I'm trying to avoid building a 30M ear for each build/deploy/test cycle, but I want my build/deploy/test environment to match as close as possible the production ear format. I thought this directory based deploy approach would meet that need nicely, but can't get it to play correctly.

      Thanks so much !