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    Installation Guide

    Milind Parikh Newbie

      Ok .. I have used open source before. I have used JONAS as my ejb server. The documentation at the JONAS site is much better (at least I can RTFM).

      The documentation on jboss leaves MUCH to be desired. I will take it upon myself to provide an installation guide. But right now, I need help.

      I installed JBoss 3.0.0 with Catalina 4.0.3 as a pre-bundled package. This thing DOES NOT work with JVM of 1.3 vinatage on w2k. Install JVM 1.4 and it works... well it does a lot of things that makes me think that it worked.

      I know that tomcat is listening on port 8080. I know this because I get a No Context is configured on localhost:8080/jboss and localhost:8080.

      Now what? If someone responds back with the correct answer, I will be on the way to writing a superb guide. But right now, I have a bootstrapping problem.

      -- Milind