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    Deploying Oracle BC4J

    Heather Piwowar Newbie

      Has anyone successfully deployed an Oracle BC4J project to JBoss? I am trying, but so far running into problems.

      I'm using jboss_2.4.6-tomcat_4.0.3 (and also jboss_2.4.4-tomcat_4.0.1 used by the "How to deploy bc4j on JBOSS" article
      http://otn.oracle.com/products/jdev/howtos/appservers/deploy_bc4j_to_jboss.html ) These installation has been successfully working for months on non-bc4j projects.

      My JDeveloper 9.0.2 has also worked successfully for several other projects. In fact, I am able to view my JSP pages inside the JDeveloper using its embedded server: I just can not view them on Jboss.

      The specific error I get is "JBO-33001: Cannot find the configuration file /package1/common/bc4j.xcfg in the classpath" The file is indeed in my WAR/EAR, when I unzip and have a look. When I try to work the error, by explicitly putting the file in the classpath, it complains about not being able to find my Package.jpx file, which is also in the EAR/WAR. Afraid I'm walking down a slippery slope. Something is not right.

      Anyone have any idea? It smells like a JBOSS problem to me, since the files are indeed in the EAR, but I'm a newbie so who knows.

      Any suggestions welcome! Starting to get frustrated :(

      Thanks so much,