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    JBoss-3.0.3 Tomcat-4.1.12 [ MAPPING configuration error for

    Zayed Newbie


      Could anyone help me with install, configure JBoss3.0.3 with Tomcat4.1.12 . I downloaded JBoss-3.0.3_Tomcat-4.1.12.zip and unpacked it on my win2K machine. Are there any specific tasks to be carried out before starting the bundled server. Please do let me know if there are any online documents.

      I started the JBoss server using the run.bat. I see a clean startup with no exceptions/errors but when I access http://localhost:8080 I get an error StandardHost[localhost]: MAPPING configuration error for request URI . I think I have missed out something very important. please do let me know

      FYI: Environment
      windows 2000 professional

      thanks a lot

      J Beers!!