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    Shutdown problem?

    David Sills Newbie

      I'm not a newbie (not even a JBoss newbie), but I'm afraid I'm going to feel very stupid when someone tells me the answer to this one. I just downloaded JBoss 3.0.6 with Tomcat and unzipped it on my Windows XP machine (JDK 1.4.1). I started it up; seems to start up fine (however, has :8082 disappeared? I get nothing--a clue?).

      The problem comes when I try to shut it down. Nothing happens. The shutdown program runs, tells me shutdown is complete, and exits, but nothing shuts down....

      First thing I do when I get a new JBoss version, just a sanity check, is to start it up and shut it down. Until now, always worked flawlessly. After a while thinking through this, I'm feeling a wee bit insane.

      Just to be sure, I rechecked the quick start documentation and didn't see anything different. I have bought documentation (several iterations), but couldn't find anything that seemed to help in it. Is there new documentation that has something?

      Would someone please make me feel dumb and explain what I need to do differently? I don't for a moment think you shipped with a non-working shutdown script, but somehow I've missed something, obviously.


      David Sills

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