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    multiple instances of Jboss - Please Help!!

    Jorge Cardenas Newbie

      I have my jboss in the directory /usr/local/jboss8080) and it is running in default ports (8080,1099......).

      For others developers I have

      /usr/local/jboss18080 (add "1" to default ports) and functions OK!

      /usr/local/jboss28080(add "2" to default ports) and functions OK!

      In this moment I have created 3 jboss directories for the same application. For others developers I will need to create new instances in other ports. I was testing with another directory /usr/local/jboss38080 and I added "3" to default ports. My linux server had problems, I think that this new instance could have caused the problem for all java machines that jboss need.

      Can I create multiple instances of Jboss in the same directory?

      Please help.....