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    jboss 4.0 zip file vs. source code

    mahdad Newbie


      I just downloaded jboss 4.0 zip file and inside there is set of jars, xmls, shell scripts, etc.
      Apparently, no source code.

      To be able to do a build on my machine, I need the source code.

      However, in the section "Getting the Sources" on the main page, it gives me 2 options: Get the nightly snapshots, or setup a cvs client on my machine.

      None of the snapshots is jboss 4.0.

      I'd like to know the relation between the source code and the zip files posted on your site.
      If jboss 4.0 is generated based on jboss source code, then why jboss 4.0 source is missing? Or is it not released yet, and specifically supposed to be extracted from cvs client as a developer account?

      Please help me on this. Thanks.